Thursday, 01 January, 2015

Developer For Hire

Need a developer? I provide freelance software development services, specialising in web, embedded web and CRM systems


I’m Anthony. I brand myself as Just a Guy Coding and I'm available for freelance development work. I have a BSc in Software Engineering and nearing 30 years' experience working with computers. I'm insured, conscientious and can provide references.

Client Relationships

I like to get to know my clients and build permanent relationships. Depending on the project I may provide a fixed priced quote or agree a daily, weekly or monthly rate. If it's a serious long term commitment I may suggest a contract, but don't worry I don't go in for complicated indecipherable contracts, I just like to have something written down itemising project milestones and our commitments to each other.

My Experience

I have experience with Azure and Amazon Web Services; on Windows, Mac OS and Linux platforms, using a variety of programming languages and frameworks including C, C#, PHP, ASP.NET and JavaScript; experience of infrastructure and deployment tools such as Bash, PowerShell, Git and Team Foundation Server; and frequently use CMS platforms such as Wordpress, Umbraco and Google Blogger.

Services Provided

Every project requires something different and I try to be flexible. I'm happy to provide and and work from PSD designs; supply build documentation (UML, E-R diagrams, Structured Design); work in a team (Git, CVS, Team Foundation Server) using a particular design ethos (agile, test driven); use continuously integrated and continuous deployment build servers; unit test; sign NDAs; and to provide full access to source code. Just let me know your requirements. If I have to learn something new, I'll do that too.

Let's Talk

I'm always pleased to speak to prospective clients about upcoming projects and provide free no obligation quotations. All my contact details are provided in the website's footer and I look forward to hearing from you.

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