Monday, 21 December, 2020

Spotlight: A Free Google Blogger Template

Spotlight a simple, elegant, blog template theme now available for Google Blogger.

Spotlight for Google Blogger

Originally made available as a HTML template the Spotlight theme has now been ported to Google Blogger and is available as a Google Blogger Template theme free of charge under the Apache 2.0 license..

Demonstration Website

See a live demonstration of Google Blogger theme at

Spotlight free Google Template Theme

Getting the template

Download the free template from

Applying the template

  • Log in to Blogger and select the Blog to modify.
  • From Blogger's control panel, select Theme, click the arrow to the right of Customize and select Edit HTML.
  • Open spotlight_template.xhtml, copy the content (Ctrl+C) it.
  • On Blogger, inside the HTML editor, Select All (Ctrl+A), then Paste (Ctrl V) to paste spotlight_template.xhtmlover the top.
  • Save the template using the disk icon to the top right.
  • The template is now installed must. Next add content and configure the template


Apache License Version 2.0. See for the details.

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