Tuesday, 24 November, 2020

Website Design Techniques - Style Tiles

An insight in to how I design websites. The original Style Tile design for the Just a Guy Coding website.

Earlier today I found the original Style Tiles for the JAGC website in one of my design folders, and I thought I’d share them to show how I go about website design from scratch. I love the style tile concept, it provides a great way to kick start design discussions with clients. For small projects they're often all the design you need, and for larger projects they're a good place to start.

Style Tiles are a design concept championed by Samantha Warren. Essentially, they’re swatches for web site design, giving clients a visual insight in to the look and feel of a website; sitting somewhere in between a mood board and a comprehensive layout in the design process. You can find out more about them on http://styletil.es.

As you can see the final JAGC website stayed fairly true to the Style guidelines depicted, although one or two things were dropped in the final cut.

JAGC Style Tile